WG on Tectonic Regionalisation

The Working Group on Tectonic Regionalisation is an interdisciplinary group of experts working on the definition of a regionalistation scheme/methodology that is capable to provide for each point on the globe a corresponding set of GMPEs and magnitude scaling relationships. We mainly collaborate remotely and might occasionally meet.


If you would like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us by writing an email to John Douglas @ j.douglas[at]brgm.fr

Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.

We are sorry.. we are working behind the scenes, but have no posts to share with the community yet. Feel free to contact the group manager for further information about our activities though!

Group Members