WG on Macroseismic Intensity

The Macroseismic Intensity Working Group has been set up following an Expression of Interest (EOI) released on the GEM website in April 2011. The overwhelming response to this EOI highlighted the need for GEM to address this important component of seismic risk.

The members of the working group will be discussing their own ongoing efforts on a number of fronts including: extending the European Macroseismic Scale to have global application, developing and testing Intensity Prediction Equations (IPEs) and Ground Motion to Intensity Conversion Equations (GMICE) for different tectonic environments, non-parametric macroseismic intensity attenuation, ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for instrumental intensity and much more. We will be posting important findings and decisions of the group on our public page to get feedback from the wider scientific community. If you would like to contact the group, please write to Helen Crowley at helen.crowley[at]globalquakemodel.org.

Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.
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15.06.2012 / Risk & Impact / WG on Macroseismic Intensity
Have you applied the EMS-98 scale over the past years? Participate in our survey aimed at collecting expert advice on the use of EMS-98. This is the first stage in a project which aims to make a more internationally applicable version of EMS-98. Click here for the link..
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