Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue

The project we are working on, has as its main goal to compile a Reference Global Instrumental Seismic Catalogue (1900-2009) to be used by GEM for characterization of the spatial distribution of seismicity, the magnitude-frequency relation and the maximum magnitude. We undertake the project as a group of international experts, led by the International Seismolgical Centre. Read more...


For any question, you may contact Dmitry Storchak, the coordinator of the project @ dmitry[at]

Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.
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Check out the ISC-GEM Catalogue Technical Report, learn about the science and methods behind the database and leave your comments..
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Take a look at the latest overview presentation on the Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue project.
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