Testing & Evaluation

GEM Testing & Evaluation

GEM Testing & Evaluation

The group working on Testing & Evaluation of GEM, has as its main task to 'test' or validate models, to verify whether the model indeed describes real system within the limits of its uncertainties. Contrary to tests that will likely produce a result that preliminary supports or falsifies a hypothesis, evaluation investigates the quality of input data using various methods. Read more...

To get in touch with us, please contact project coordinator Danijel Schorlemmer @  ds[at]usc.edu

Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.
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21.12.2011 / Testing & Evaluation / GEM Testing & Evaluation
Presentations of the T&E-meeting of 27th of October are online; share your thoughts and comments on the milestones for the coming year..
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