GEM Middle East (EMME)

We are working on EMME, the Earthquake Model of the Middle East, and aim to contribute and facilitate the seismic risk reduction in the Middle East region through the realization of the following specific tasks: 1) Calculate seismic hazard uniformly and with highest standards, 2) Rigorously validate earthquake and shaking probabilities using regional and global data, 3) Communicate seismic risk clearly, accurately and transparently, 4) Integrate local expertise in a regional and global context 5) Monitor and update changing infrastructure and vulnerability, 6) Build seismic risk management capacity in the whole region, and 7) Enable dialogue with decision-makers. Read more...


To contact us, write to Karin Sesetyan @ ksesetyan[at] (Hazard related issues) or Cuneyt Tuzun ctuzun[at] @ (Risk related issues).

Group Members