Towards New Active Fault Data

This document reports on the two regional workshops conducted by GEM Faulted Earth (GFE) in Southeast Asia and Central America and is the deliverable report for GFE work package 5 ‘New Active Fault Data’. The workshops were designed to: introduce the active fault database concept and structure at regional and national level; introduce (when necessary) the data dictionary concepts, in particular those attributes that are compulsory in the database; train researchers in the OpenQuake Platform Active fault database webtool; get feedback from participants on the Active fault database structure and the OpenQuake webtool; discuss active fault database parameters and their uncertainties in the different countries; facilitate the beginning of compilation of active faults by the participating researchers; help create regional working groups or support groups in active faulting studies. Both workshops were very successful.  The report includes recommendations for future work on active faulting in the regions.

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