The GEM Faulted Earth Subduction Interface Characterisation Project


The aim of this document is to develop a globally consistent characterisation of the world’s subduction interface plate boundary faults, to be used as a basis for generating earthquake event sets for inclusion in earthquake hazard and risk modelling. Given the obvious complexity of processes operating in subduction zones, and the recognition that the historical period is too short to provide a good basis for determining the frequency and maximum magnitude of earthquakes, there is a clear need to find a pragmatic approach that uses as much of the available knowledge as is possible, in a way that is neither too conservative nor too optimistic. In addition to outlining a viable approach to integrating subduction interface earthquake sources into a hazard model, we develop a comprehensive database of preferred source parameters and associated uncertainties to use for all of the world’s subduction zones (see Table and Appendices). The development of these parameters is based on an extensive literature search, and via consultation among the co-authors of this report.

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