GEM Faulted Earth

The GEM Faulted Earth group is working on building a global active fault and seismic source database with a common set of strategies, standards and formats, to be placed in the public domain, and developing an online tool that will allow scientists to upload new faults into the database, which allows for continuous updating of the database. Read more...


We look forward to your comments. If you would like to contact us personally, you can write Annemarie Christophersen, project coordinator and manager of this group on nexus: A.Christophersen[at]

Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.
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27.04.2015 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
This post complements the earlier post of the Report "The Himalayan Frontal Thrust: Attributes for seismic hazard" and includes the GIS files for download.
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24.04.2015 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
In this project we have used remote sensing data, calibrated where possible with detailed published studies, to create a GIS shapefile of the fault traces at a scale of 1:200,000, and have attributed traces or fault segments from the published data.
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23.04.2015 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
A long time coming, the up-date of the report characterising the global subduction zone interfaces
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30.07.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
This document reports on the two regional workshops conducted by GEM Faulted Earth (GFE) in Southeast Asia and Central America and is the deliverable report for GFE work package 5 ‘New Active Fault Data’.
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24.06.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
This report describes a globally consistent characterisation of the world’s subduction plate boundary faults, to be used as a basis for generating earthquake event sets for inclusion in earthquake hazard and risk modelling.
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16.06.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
Version 2 of the guidelines for compilation of neotectonic faults, folds and fault sources in the GEM Faulted Earth database is now complete. The report provides an overview of the database design and guidelines for entering and editing data in the web-based fault compilation tool.
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12.06.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
Version 2 of the GEM Faulted Earth fault, fold, and fault source Data Dictionary is now complete. The dictionary is an alphabetical description of the attributes in the database and individual descriptions are incorporated in the web-based fault compilation tool on OpenQuake.
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31.05.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
Seven databases have been uploaded to the GEM Faulted Earth database - the active fault (and fold) databases of Japan, New Zealand, USA, Alaska and Australia, and fault source databases of New Zealand and global mid-ocean transforms. These are accompanied by a report describing the upload process and manual reformatting required, which should be useful for subsequent bulk upload of these and other databases.
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25.02.2013 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
As part of the development of the GEM Faulted Earth database Mark Stirling and Tatiana Goded undertook a review of global magnitude scaling relationships. The report compiles and evaluates 72 magnitude-area and magnitude-length scaling relationships and recommends 18 for application in GEM in different tectonic settings.
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30.04.2012 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
Deliverable D1 report of the GEM Faulted Earth project - an inventory of existing active fault and fault source databases. This report was an important part of the early design phase of the GEM Faulted Earth global fault and fold database.
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27.02.2012 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
GEM Faulted Earth co-hosted a special session at the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting on active fault data as input for seismic hazard analysis. An update on progress of the GEM Faulted Earth to date was presented by Nicola Litchfield and is available here
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27.02.2012 / Hazard / GEM Faulted Earth
The GEM Faulted Earth project has been operating for just over a year now. A summary of the project to date was presented at the GEM Outreach Meeting in Beijing, June 2011.
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