GEM Central Asia (EMCA)

We are working on the Earthquake Model Central Asia (EMCA), which aims at cross-border assessment of seismic hazard and risk in Central Asia [Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan], through a collaboration of institutions and experts in the region. Activities are divided into 3 modules:

- Seismic Hazard Assessment and Microzonation

- Seismic Vulnerability

- Earthquake Risk


Group Posts

Through these posts we share our work in the context of GEM. Sometimes these are status updates, sometimes these are presentations we gave and sometimes these are reports or other documents, but it always work-in-progress.
We are very much interested in receiving your feedback and ideas, so please do comment on our posts and/or rate the comments of others.
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23.06.2013 / Regions / GEM Central Asia (EMCA)
An International EMCA Exposure and Vulnerability Workshop took place on 15-19 april in Bishkek; another step toward unified seismic risk computation in Central Asia! Read more in the short report and leave your comments...
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28.02.2013 / Regions / GEM Central Asia (EMCA)
In our website we feature all EMCA related presentations and publications. We would love to hear your feedback, ideas and comments, so we can improve EMCA together!
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