Testing and Evaluation of the GEM Building Taxonomy V 2.0

After release of Version 1.0 of the GEM Building Taxonomy (Basic Taxonomy) in March 2012, we received feedback from GEM researchers and other colleagues. As a result, we decided to revise and expand the GEM Building Taxonomy. GEM Building Taxonomy V2.0 was the result. In total, the revised version (2.0) of the taxonomy contains 13 building attributes, whereas V1.0 featured only 8 attributes. The GEM Building Taxonomy now provides a solid basis for classification of buildings worldwide.

Testing and Evaluation

We are keen to test and evaluate this (final) version of the taxonomy, in order to check its robustness and applicability on the global scale. A large-scale Evaluation & Testing exercise is scheduled for January 2013, which is going to be carried out in collaboration with the EERI World Housing Encyclopedia group.  Preliminary or beta-testing will take place in December 2013 by a selected group of experts who will assess effectiveness of the E&T process. For that purpose, we have produced the attached interim overview report on the GEM Building Taxonomy V 2.0.

A more comprehensive report on the GEM Building Taxonomy  will be released in January 2013.


To see V2 of the GEM Building Taxonomy online and scroll through the glossary (which is currently being updated), follow this link.

Comments and Questions

We welcome your comments on the GEM Building Taxonomy as presented in the attached interim report. For any question, you can contact us at buildingtaxonomy@globalquakemodel.org

DOWNLOAD BuildingTaxonomyV2_Overview-INTERIM.pdf — PDF document, 8287 kB (8486672 bytes)