GEM Building Taxonomy TaxT online form

The GEM Building Taxonomy, its Glossary and GEM in general are made possible thanks to the  contributions of professionals and academic researchers, disaster risk professionals, engineers and students, worldwide. GEM’s mission is to increase earthquake resilience worldwide by bringing data, tools and knowledge together, sharing it and making it accessible where it is most needed. We invite you to join us in this collaborative endeavour.

To contribute, follow these easy instructions:
1) Read the brief GEM Building Taxonomy Tester (TaxT) v4.0 user guide
2) Kindly fill in the online form below, and upload your files and images.

Files are reviewed, and those accepted are credited online. Copyright always stays with the author, but by submitting files you agree for your contributions to be used within the scope of GEM under the Creative Commons Attributon 4.0 Unported license CC-BY. This is a license that fits with the spirit of this collaborative effort, and allows others to build on your contribution. Read more about the license here.

If you have any questions you can also contact us at