Antonios Pomonis

Structural engineer with an MSc in Earthquake Engineering (Hokkaido University, Japan, 1987). During 1988-92, he was Research Associate at the Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies, University of Cambridge. Chairman of EEFIT (1996-98). Since 1993 working in the field of risk assessment with applications for the insurance industry; government authorities and international research bodies. He has carried-out projects in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Philippines, Costa Rica, Romania, Tunisia and UK. He has published tens of papers mainly in the field of earthquake and volcanic risk assessment and he is the co-author of one book on the design of low-cost earthquake resistant structures. Director of Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd. (CAR). He has worked as a consultant to Risk Management Solutions (RMS) developing earthquake vulnerability and inventory models. In 2006-7 he worked with RMS India as senior consultant to the World Bank funded projects related to earthquake insurance and disaster management in Romania. In 2007 he has contributed to USGS’s PAGER project as the Greece expert and is in 2008-9 worked on an EU-FP7 project building Greece’s first historic earthquake damage database. Currently the principal investigator of the Global Earthquake Model’s Earthquake Consequences Database.
Organisation: Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd.
Role: Director