Ali ├ľncel

I have worked as a Geophysicist/Seismologist for many years, conducting research internationally, including work related to seismology and rock physics. I have extensive experience in data collection and interpretation and am comfortable using a variety of software for data processing. Through my work I have gained experience in well completions, fracture stimulation, log analysis, and interpretation. For much of my career I have worked as an instructor in geophysics and seismology, including work at the prestigious Istanbul University, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and Alberta University, where all instruction is in English. As a postsecondary instructor in Geophysics, I have sought out means to enhance the teaching environment, and interaction between faculty and students, through computer based instructional technology. Through the use of educational multimedia, and the Internet I have been able to market both my courses, and my institution, to international students in a competitive post secondary market. Because of the successes I have achieved through the use of computer based resources, I have continued to update my skills and seek professional development in this area. I feel confident in the use of Smart classrooms, creation of effective PowerPoint presentations, and the use of the Internet for delivering educational resources such as course descriptions, posting assignments, course updates, ongoing interaction with students regarding student feedback and answering questions, as well as posting online exams and results. As the Chair of the International Cooperation committee, and the Research committee at King Fahd University, I have extensive experience collaborating with teaching professionals and providing support to achieve instructional excellence. As the Chair of Engineering Sciences Department and Head of the Chambers for Geophyscical Engineers, I have gained skills for administration for department and organization.
Location: Turkey , ─░stanbul
Organisation: Istanbul University
Role: Professor
Areas of interest / Expertise:
  • Seismic Hazard, Earthquake Statistics