Nicole Keller

I am responsible for communications as well as international relations at the GEM Foundation, working from the Secretariat in Pavia, Italy. I try to act as a linking pin connecting stakeholders and collaborators worldwide, grows and fosters partnerships and other relations and represent GEM in international meetings. I oversee all communication, including development and deployment of communication tools, support and empower the GEM community worldwide. I obtained an MSc in International Business Administration in the Netherlands in 2003, after a year of full-time board membership of a study association and a study abroad. I set up and managed an organisation executing innovative educational projects on global (development) issues in the Netherlands. After having moved to Italy in 2008, I worked in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing/Communication, mainly in the non-profit arena. I am one of the associates of the 2012/2013 LEAD Fellowship Programme for leadership in Sustainable Development.
Location: Italy , Milan
Organisation: GEM Foundation
Role: Communications and International Relations Lead
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