massimiliano stucchi

Head, Department of Engineering Seismology, Milano, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (2001-2007; 2010-) Chairperson of the SubCommission A “Seismicity of the European-Mediterranean Region” of the European Seismological Commission (2002-2006) Chairperson of the WGs "Macroseismology" (1992-1996), "Historical Seismology" (1998-2002) and “Uniform Parametric Earthquake Catalogue and Intensity Database for the European-Mediterranean Area” (2007-) of the European Seismological Commission Co-ordinator of the NA4 module of the EU NERIES project “Distributed Archive of Historical Earthquake Data” (2006-) and of the SHARE Task for the compiation of the European Catalogue
Location: italy , Milan
Organisation: INGV
Role: director of research
Areas of interest / Expertise:
  • (1) Historical seismology: assessment of rigorous procedures for the investigation, interpretation and elaboration of historical earthquake records; historical earthquake records investigation
  • (2) Earthquake catalogues and macroseismics: compilation of parametric earthquake catalogues and intensity databases at a Italian, European and global scale; assessment of earthquake data completeness according to historical approach; macroseismic field investigation; elaboration of the EM-98 intensity scale.
  • (3) Seismic hazard and risk analysis: seismic zonation of Italy; use of site macroseismic histories for direct hazard assessment; microzonation and urban planning studies in seismic areas.