Jitendra Bothara

Jitendra is a Principal Seismic Engineer with AECOM New Zealand Ltd and is based in Christchurch. He specialises in seismic risk mitigation. After completing his under graduation in Nepal, Jitendra has spent his 22-year career going from structural engineering to social engineering and then to seismic engineering. He is an ardent believer in identifying strong linkages between social and seismic engineering to help implement seismic protection. On the disaster risk mitigation front, Jitendra has worked extensively on disaster risk management, disaster preparedness planning and developing the seismic construction capacity of local building stakeholders, policy and social intervention and earthquake design and construction in many developing countries. On the seismic engineering side, his interests range between modern and traditional construction technologies, seismic assessment and strengthening of buildings.
Location: New Zealand , Christchurch
Organisation: AECOM NZ Ltd
Role: Principal Seismic Engineer
Areas of interest / Expertise:
  • seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing buildings, post-earthquake damage assessment, seismic hazard assessment, risk evaluation, disaster risk management, disaster preparedness planning and capacity building in seismic design/construction, policy and social intervention, non-engineered construction, buiilding codes