Christopher Burton

I am a geographer interested in the application of geospatial analysis and modeling techniques to human-environmental interactions. My research focuses on vulnerability and disaster resilience to explore the compounded nature of natural disaster impacts. More specifically, I am interested in developing methods and metrics that are needed not only to evaluate and quantify the baseline conditions for vulnerability and disaster resilience, but to evaluate the adverse and differential hazard impacts and factors that inhibit effective disaster response. To accomplish this end, I employ a number of geographic research methods that include quantitative techniques, spatial analysis, data mining, geographic visualization, GIS-based modeling, mathematical modeling, and web development.
Location: Italy , Pavia
Organisation: GEM
Role: Social Vulnerability and Disaster Resilience
Areas of interest / Expertise:
  • Environmental Hazards and Vulnerability, Modeling Risk and Vulnerability, Indicators of
  • Vulnerability and Resilience, Model Uncertainty and Sensitivity, GIScience, Spatial
  • Statistics