Catalina Yepes Estrada

Catalina Yepes Estrada is a Seismic Risk Engineer at the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation (Pavia, Italy). As part of the risk team, Catalina works on physical vulnerability, developing tools for the construction of exposure, fragility and vulnerability models. She has been involved in workshops regarding earthquake risk assessment and loss estimation, and she is currently participating in the SARA regional project, deriving exposure and vulnerability models for South America. Catalina received her Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and a postgraduate diploma in Structural Engineering from the National University of Colombia. Before she obtained her MSc degree in Earthquake Engineering at the UME Graduate School of Pavia (ROSE school programme), she worked as a structural engineer designing buildings and electrical substations in national and international projects (Colombia, Peru and Guatemala).
Location: Italy
Organisation: GEM
Role: Risk Engineer