Sevgi Ozcebe

Sevgi Özcebe holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. Upon graduating from METU, she gained 2-year professional work experience on the design of steel and reinforced concrete structures by getting involved in national and international structural design companies. She came to Italy on 2009 to enroll into the Master of Science Programme in Earthquake Engineering at ROSE Programme, UME School, IUSS-Pavia. In May 2011, she obtained her MSc degree on Earthquake Engineering. After getting the MSc Degree, she involved in a recently concluded European Project (NERA) on the work package for ‘Classification and Inventory of European Building Stock’ which had the objective to develop a European building inventory database to feed into the Global Exposure Database initiative of Global Earthquake Model. Currently, she is a PhD student in Risk and Emergency Management Programme at UME School, IUSS Pavia. In her PhD study, she is focusing on probabilistic risk assessment in Turkey along with integration of socio-economic vulnerability. She carries out her studies in collaboration with GEM Foundation (Pavia, Italy) as a Seismic Risk Engineer.
Location: Italia , Pavia
Organisation: IUSS Pavia, UME School; GEM Foundation
Role: PhD Student, Risk Engineer