Antonio Gomez

Augusto Antonio Gomez Capera is a physicist graduated from the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” of Bogota in 1998. He worked as researcher in Ingeominas (Colombian Geological Survey, Bogota), as geophysicist in Inforpetrol and lecturer in mathematics in the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” in Bogota. He obtained his PhD in Geological Science and Geotechnologies at University of Milan in 2006. Since 2005 is researcher at the INGV (the Italian Geological Survey ) in Milan. He has been involved in EU and Italian projects concerning in calibration, validation and application of methods for determining historical earthquakes parameters from macroseismic data in varied European regions and in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in terms of macroseismic intensity in Italia.
Location: Italy , Milan
Organisation: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia
Role: Researcher