About GEM Nexus


It is not about finding one single answer to improve seismic risk assessment, but about collaboratively developing models that capture the best understanding of earthquake risk anywhere in the world, and tools that we can use to analyse and deal with that risk..

GEM Nexus is an action-oriented platform where collaborators of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) initiative can collaborate in their private spaces, can update the community about their ongoing work and can share draft-reports and other work as a starting point for feedback and discussion with a wider community of experts and stakeholders.

To advance seismic risk assessment in general and to develop GEM's risk assessment platform in a way that accomodates your needs, the latest (scientific) knowledge and technologies, GEM Nexus depends on participation - on sharing of work by the various groups and on everyone providing feedback and sharing your knowledge.

Principles of the GEM Nexus Community

Principle #1: Share
In order to have a lasting impact on seismic risk assessment and to create tools and models that are applicable in all continents, collaboration and knowledge sharing about approaches that are used in different contexts, about data and databases, and about applications is critical. Share as much work as you can if you are part of a (global) group, and share your knowledge and opinions wherever applicable.

Principle #2: Respect
The work that the various groups share is meant to trigger discussion and collaboratively improve it. This work is in progress and should always be considered to be in a draft-state. Respect that what is shared with you and don’t place it out of context.

Principle #3: Collaborative
Promote teamwork among members if you are part of a group and provide others with the opportunity to collaborate where and when possible. Always choose collaboration over competition, and create an atmosphere for building on one another's ideas.

Principle #4: Always in Beta
Contribute for continuous improvement and iteration. That goes for the community, Nexus and GEM in general. To this end, submit your suggestions.


The inspiration

We have taken inspiration from the open science movement and the open source community. We fully endorse the tagline of the open science summit displayed on the right, and will do our best to promote sharing of knowledge and approaches among scientists, but also between them and all the others working on GEM. The what and how of 'open science' will continue to be debated and we would like to contribute to that discussion, whilst at the same time follow our own path of symbiosis between open science, open source, open data and development in the open.


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