John Schneider

John is originally from the United States where he received MS (1981) and PhD (1984) degrees in geophysics from the University of Wisconsin (USA). His early career research was on tectonic plate collisions through studies of deep earthquakes beneath Colombia and Peru, South America. From this foundation in earthquake research, he worked for more than a decade in the nuclear power and reinsurance industries in the US, developing expertise in catastrophe risk analysis. John moved to Australia in 2000 to establish and lead the Risk & Impact Analysis Group at Geoscience Australia. Over the past 11 years, this group has developed tools, databases and methods for assessing the risks of a wide range of natural and man-made hazards in Australia and the Australasian region; they have also provided advice to government and private industry to inform emergency preparedness, critical infrastructure protection, climate change adaptation, land-use planning, and building regulation. John now heads the newly formed International Group at GA, which is charged with developing and applying geoscience information internationally, in line with Australia’s interests, including for the benefit of developing countries in the Australasian region.
Location: Australia , Canberra
Organisation: Geoscience Australia
Role: International Group Leader
Areas of interest / Expertise:
  • Earthquake hazard and risk analysis, development and management of multi-hazard risk analysis teams, and applications to developing countries.